2 Ways to Overcome Google Drive Limit Easily & Quickly

Google Drive is Google’s cloud-based storage service and is very popular. The storage capacity is 15GB for the free version and more if you have a premium account.

But both file sharing downloads have limitations. How to get around this Google Drive limitation? The method is very simple even for beginners. But there is only one way you can try so far. Curious, see the following information.

Google Drive limit definition


Google Drive is perfect for those of you who want to store a lot of files but don’t want to carry a flash drive everywhere.

You can also easily share files with others by sharing the Google Drive link via SMS, email, WhatsApp or other social media.

Another plus is that you can access Google Drive from any device such as Android, iPhone, PC and laptop of various brands/specifications and it syncs automatically, so Google Drive is very practical.


However, if you often share file sharing links on Google Drive through websites or social media accounts and make many people download the file, you will often receive limit notifications from Google Drive.

The text of the message is “Sorry, you cannot view or download this file at this time” or “Too many users viewed and downloaded this file recently”, which means that many users have viewed or downloaded your file. At that time. one day.

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Usually this limit resets after 24 hours, but depending on file size and number of downloads, it can take 2-3 days.

This file sharing download limit applies to all Google Drive users, regardless of free and premium users. How to get around Google Drive limitations

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How to get around Google Drive limitations

Depending on your position as the owner of the original file or someone who wants to download other people’s files, there are two ways to get around Google Drive’s limitations. Here are the details:

1. As someone who wants to download

In this case, if you are not the original owner of the file, or in other words, you are the one who got the share link and want to download the file, but instead you get a notification that you can’t download it, “Sorry, you can’t view or download this file now”, of course. Confused?

If you specifically want the file, you certainly can’t wait 24 hours or more, can you?

The easiest way to get around this limitation is to open the file preview page, create a shortcut, and download it. The levels are so long that you need to pay attention, e.g.

  • First, open Google Drive on your PC/Laptop and look for the file you want to download but can’t.
  • Double-click the file or folder and hover over the URL. Look carefully at the URL and you will find the words “/drive/u/0/folder/”. Replace this text with “file/d”, then press “Enter”.
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How to get around the bagas31 Google Drive limitation


  • If you can’t find “/drive/u/0/folders/”, your URL may contain “UC”. For example: “https://drive.google.com/uc?id=123456789abcd”. Replace “UC” with “Open” and press “Enter”.
  • Now the laptop screen display will change and you can see a file preview page which is similar to black. Next, click on the “three dots” menu icon in the upper right corner and click on the star icon with the inscription “Add Star”.
  • Now go back to the main page of your Google Drive and create a new folder with the name you want. Make sure the name is short and easy to remember.
  • Still on the main Google Drive page, click the “Starred” menu, find the file or folder you previously starred and right-click.
  • Next, select β€œAdd shortcut to drive” and you will be asked to choose where to add the shortcut. Select “My Drive” and click “Add Shortcut”.

How to overcome the limitation of google drive can not download.


  • Once the shortcut is created, go back to the “My Drive” menu and select the new folder you created and named it earlier. Click on this folder and you will get a shortcut to the file you previously wanted to download.
  • Right click on the folder and select “Download”. You can also go to the folder and download the files one by one.

    Google Drive Limit Exceeded Google Drive Quota How To Download Google Drive Limit 24 Hours This File Download Quota Exceeded


  • You can check the download progress in the lower right corner of the browser. Depending on the file size, this process can be fast or slow.

Note: For files larger than 100 MB, there will usually be a message saying “The file could not be checked for viruses”. Just click the “Download Anyway” button and the download process will start immediately.

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2. As file owner

In this case, if you are the owner of the file and the person receiving your sharing link cannot view or download your files due to Google Drive limitations, here is a simple solution you can try:

  • First, stop sharing files by changing the file settings to private.
  • After that, right-click on the file and select the “Make a copy” option, which will create a duplicate file in your Drive storage.
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    How to download google drive mobile limit generator limit google drive


  • Now rename the duplicated file with a different name than before. Suppose the previous name was “FileDC”, then change it to “XOneFile”.
  • After that, right-click the file/folder and select “Get Link” then share this link with people who can’t download your file earlier.

    Google Drive Limit Generator How To Bypass Google Drive Limit on Mobile Google Drive Limit


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Last word

Now you don’t need to be confused anymore with the Google Drive limit problem because you can practice how to overcome the Google Drive limit with the guide above. How to get around Google Drive limitations

However, this solution is temporary as Google may change its policies and regulations at any time.